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Aorearoa (Maori) "Land of the long white cloud"
Maori name for New Zealand. More info here!
Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) Gandalf was one of the Order of the Istari sent to Middle-earth to oppose the Dark Lord Sauron.
Gandalf set in motion a chain of events that ultimately resulted in the Dark Lord's downfall.

Here used to symbolize the omniscient counsellor.
Grima Slangetunge (Danish) "Grima Wormtounge"
Grima Wormtounge (Lord of the Rings) Traitor. Counsellor at the royal court of king Theoden in Rohan.
Betrayed king and country by becoming an agent of Saruman. 
Haere Mai (Maori) "Welcome"
Kiwi 1. (New Zealand English) A person born and living in New Zealand
2. (English) Endemic and rare nocturnal New Zealand species of bird without wings. There are 5 known different Kiwi birds. More info here and here!
3. (English) allso: "Kiwifruit" A kind of fruit. Originates from China. The original name is "Chinese gooseberry". More info here!
Mae govannen (Sindarin) "Welcome"
Maori 1. Polynesian population of New Zealand.
Maori legends claim that the polynesian navigator Kupe first sighted New Zealand in the 10th century, naming it Aotearoa.
2. Maori language.
On equal terms as English recognized as official language in New Zealand.
Pakeha (Maori) non-Maori people.
Palantir (Lord of the Rings) The palantiri were Seeing-stones that could be used to gather information and communicate over great distances.
They vere made by te elves in The Undying Lands (Valinor) and seven stones were brought to Middle-earth.
Over time some of the palantiri were lost and one fell into the hands of Sauron, who used it to spread deceit and despair among those who opposed him.
Sindarin (Lord of the Rings) Language of the Elves.
There and back again, an anglers tale (from Lord of the Rings) In Lord of the Rings Bilbo Baggins names the book about his travel "There and back again" with the subtitle "A Hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins"
Today it also apears as subtitle of professor Tolkiens book "The Hobbit".
Ud og hjem igen, en lystfiskerhistorie (Danish) "There and back again, an anglers tale"
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