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New Zealand: check this before you leave:
www.NewZealand.com AA Travel
www.Tourism.net.nz BBH backpackers accomodation
Department of Conservation (DOC)
how to get there:
MyPlanet fishing:
Blue Sea Charters
getting around: Fish & Game New Zealand
Wendekreisen Fish & Games / Upper Buller River
where and what: Ian Jenkins
Auckland Sporting Life Turangi
          SkyTower Tongariro National Trout Centre
          Chalice flies in top quality from NZ:
Queenstown-NZ Lee Hinkleman
          A J Hackett The Lord of The Rings & NZ:
          NZone www.NewZealand.com(1)
RotoruaNZ www.NewZealand.com(2)
          The Maori Arts and Crafts Institute www.VirtualOceania.net
          Te Whakarewarewa www.Jasons.co.nz
          Te Papa Tongarewa
The Thain's Book
books etc. about NZ
The Kiwifruit Shop