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Kim Hermann

About the author:
Name: Kim Hermann
Born in 1957
Sportsangler for many many years.
Fishes back home in Denmark mostly for seatrout from the shores of the island of Als, but doesn't feel well if not paying an annual visit to the river Mörrum in Sweden.
Doesn't usually pose any threat to the population of seatrout in Denmark as most of the time that ought to be spent with a fishingrod in hand is used working for the association.
Since 1989 chairman of the sportsanglers association Sportsfiskerforeningen ALS.
Former chairman of the local branch of Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund (Denmarks Sportsanglers Union) and still member of the union congress.
Creator of i.e. the fly "Danish Dynamite", which in different variations has both salmon, seatrout, brooktrout and grayling on its concience.

Will answer: mail@aotearoa.dk

The authors comments:
I'm a Dane and Danish is my native tounge. I have translated the content of these pages to the best of my abilities, and I hope that the text somehow makes sense. I welcome sugestions for improvements to the text.